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End-of-Line, In-Tray Application

Handheld Applicator & Low Volume Print-on-demand Printer-Rewinder

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Automatic Scan-Code-Reader

The PrinTrayce System

This revolutionary fruit labeling system sits at the forefront of fruit production technology, allowing you to bring your facility
into the 21st century with a 100% ROI in 3 years or less. Click here to learn more.


The pneumatic applicators are driven by fast and accurate servo motors to handle every tray configuration the industry may use. The applicator uses a small amount of vacuum and air pressure to carry the label through the print-cut-application process. The PRINTRAYCE System is pre-programmed for the entire industry library of tray configurations, allowing the proper tray to be chosen on each tray line enabling labels row-by-row to be placed on the top-dead-center of each piece of fruit within the tray. The system design allows for the minimum amount of adhesive, which serves the end consumer as never before possible.


Liner-less Direct Thermal On-Board On-Demand Imprinting

Say goodbye to expensive ink cartridges. The PRINTRAYCE central host computer system manages and imprints the variable information, such as the human-readable PLU number, the GS1 stacked Omni-directional 2D code, and the variety of the fruit. These are imprinted into our unique label material via the PRINTRAYCE System’s on-board direct thermal print engine. This process gives you instant print-on-demand flexibility.


Label Supply Roll

Unlike other label supply rolls that come in the form of narrow, flat rolls, the PRINTRAYCE labels are wound onto a high-capacity spool, much like fishing line on a reel or a bobbin of thread. This means that every roll of PRINTRAYCE labels can hold over 10 times the amount of labels as our competitors, reducing your roll change time and improving your production momentum.


End-of-Line In-Tray Application

Most label systems label your fruit at the top of the packing facility forcing that label to withstand the long journey to packing, often at the messy expense of your brushes, cups, and conveyor belts. The PRINTRAYCE system shifts the focus on labeling to the end of the line. This means that you can easily transition to in-tray packing and maintain 100% label coverage without having the additional cost of cleaning labels off your equipment or shutting down production during the changeover.


Central Print-Management System

The Central Host Computer is the only piece of hardware-software that you need to remotely operate and manage PRINTRAYCE Systems on multiple tray packing lines from one central location. The packing boss can easily choose the variety of fruit that you will be packing on each tray-line when setting up for a new variety of fruit. This Host System allows the packing boss real print-on-demand control from a single location, ensuring the right information is on the corresponding fruit. This system can be tied to your current packing line software, if that is more desirable. PRINTRAYCE Systems has established a process for easily moving from one code to another (or from one variety to another), allowing the packing boss to easily coordinate with the floor managers for these changes.


Automatic Scan-Code-Reader

Crisp, clean imprinting is the key to insuring every piece of fruit is scanned correctly at the point of sale. That’s why we’ve designed the PRINTRAYCE System to automatically scan the GS1 stacked 2D omni-directional machine readable code as it is imprinted by the on-board print engine. This ensures that each label will scan successfully, even at low-tech retail scanners. If the system detects that the scan is defective the system will first show a yellow warning light. If the scan cannot be read for more than 2 or 3 scans, the system will require that the print head be cleaned or changed, a quick and easy operation.


Handheld Applicator & Low Volume Print-on-demand Printer-Rewinder

Many fruit packing facilities run a combination of belt driven packing lines and miscellaneous sizes in rotating tubs or accumulation tables. Much of this fruit must be labeled, which is why the PRINTRAYCE Systems’ turnkey labeling system provides not only a tray-line print-on-demand labeling system, but also a separate stand-alone printer to small roll rewinder. This allows the packing facility to (based upon your packing schedule) pre-imprint rolls of labels that are then loaded into the handheld liner-less label applicators for application in the areas where there is not enough fruit volume to warrant running that fruit through a tray-pack line. PRINTRAYCE Systems has developed this battery-operated hand-held label applicator that uses these pre-printed liner-less labels. As your team hand-packs from these tub or fruit accumulation locations, they may quickly grab our hand-held applicator and quickly label the tray of fruit before placing it into the box. This new hand-held applicator is designed to solve the headaches that past hand-held label applicators created. Our user-friendly system properly utilizes the people on your floor to easily accomplish every part of label application without adding labor costs or confusion.

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This revolutionary fresh fruit labeling system sits at the forefront of fruit packing technology, allowing you to bring your facility into the 21st century with a 100% ROI in 3 years or less. Click here to learn more.

Linerless Labels & Hi-Capacity Supply Rolls

By reducing raw materials, you make more room and now you get more labels into the supply roll. The PRINTRAYCE System’s proprietary hi-capacity roll-winding technology dramatically reduces raw material waste and wasted labor.

For every 1 million boxes of fruit you label, your people must now manually change 2,900 rolls of labels! For the equivalent labels but using PRINTRAYCE your people change only 290 supply rolls. That’s 10x more productivity and 10x less wasted time changing rolls and labels. And because every label is printed on demand, there are no “short rolls” to get thrown away and no “extra labels” that end up in the garbage. You use every label you pay for, every time.

The current method of using adhesive labels on a carrier is expensive. The PRINTRAYCE liner-less label is a self-wound label product & uses a new revolutionary label design which starts out with a huge cost advantage. This label concept has no real competition & sets a new standard!

And it’s not just less adhesive it is WAY less, less than half the adhesive used in the traditional fruit labeling system! The PRINTRAYCE label does not need useless adhesive because of where the labels are applied in the packing process and this allows you to offer a label that for the first time really serves both the retailer & the consumer. Now that is smart for your business!
So we actually print the adhesive on the back of this label! The PRINTRAYCE label is the only label in the industry to print a small patch of at least 50% less adhesive setting a brand-new standard!

It is surprising even to us, but for every 1 million boxes of apples you pack it takes 4 tons of unnecessary waste to get it done. That’s waste at your suppliers facility in their production and waste at your facility, waste that they throw away and waste that you now pay to have removed, and ALL of this waste you now pay for in your current label cost!

You can stop the madness now with PRINTRAYCE Liner-less labels. Eliminate that cost and headache completely, with this ZERO-WASTE label product.

In addition, the PRINTRAYCE system a tray-application system gives your fruit a very a nice display with all the labels smartly applied on top.

Now your pack always appears on-purpose! This is the right way to display your fruit, always making the best presentation to the retailer, your customer and the consumer (the real customer). This is simply icing on the cake with PRINTRAYCE giving you extra value at the point of sale every time.

Less adhesive is also a very consumer friendly feature. Consumers don’t like labels on fruit so much. Now the PRINTRAYCE label on your fruit will be an increased blessing to the consumer! Easy to peel-away and peel from any direction, there is nothing like it on the market for quick removability. See for yourself, we are not exaggerating.

High-Capacity Supply Rolls & Packing House Logistics

We call it Hi-Capacity spooling and it simply generates productivity and momentum. Get rid of your labor-intensive, inefficient flat roll labeling system and then make better use of your people by getting your labeling down where your people are actually located on the tray-line. The PRINTRAYCE print-on-demand tray application system eliminates the hidden cost of wasted low-capacity flat rolls. Let’s do some easy math in a good-sized packing facility example:

In a facility annually packing 4 million boxes of fruit with your typical flat roll labeling system you will change 53 flat-rolls of labels per day all year long. What a distraction!

But with PRINTRAYCE that number is only 5 roll changes a day!

Additionally, the logistics are also a real issue and your current flat roll label system mounted on top of the sizer has that disadvantage. It’s not just too many rolls you change but also that the system is logistically located where there are no people and the rolls all run out at different times. This leads to a constant temptation to toss rolls that are almost out into the recycle bin before they are fully used! When your people are tired of hiking up to that out of the way system on top of your pack line to constantly change  rolls at the rate of nearly 8 an hour you have a real hidden headache. When your people see rolls with only a few inches of labels left it certainly gets tempting to just exchange them for a fresh roll a little bit too early! It’s just not the best design.

At PRINTRAYCE SYSTEMS LLC we have solved many hidden concerns like this. We think you’re starting to understand why this is a great new, well thought out technology that’s worth investing in.

Automatic Scan Code Reader

There are some things you shouldn’t have to think about, so we did. The PRINTRAYCE Print-on-Demand Tray Application System is always checking its own print quality. Do you have print-on-demand? Does your system watch scan-ability and print quality on your GS1 stacked Omni-directional 2D scan code? All the time? When you think about it, this is a requirement.

The automatic code verification scanner is simple and designed to check that the code is working 100% of the time.

The scanner identifies increased tiny irregularities that are invisible to the naked eye. If these irregularities become regular, the system will blink a warning light that the print head should be cleaned or that you are close to the end of the label supply roll.

Central Print Management System

PRINTRAYCE Systems have the ability to control all of the imprinting from a single host computer location. This allows for one main controller (i.e., your packing line manager) to oversee every tray line imprinting applicator at once. This ensures that you always have the correct print chosen and have current status control over imprint management in real time.

The PRINTRAYCE label is beautifully pre-branded with your company logo graphics on a single layer of thin clear film. The printing on the PRINTRAYCE System is really “imprinting,” allowing for the on-board on-demand imprinting system to thermally imprint (black only) the remaining fruit-variety-specific variable information.

With PRINTRAYCE, productivity is king and so because the PRINTRAYCE System is logistically located right where your floor people work the pack line manager can easily work with your team to incorporate labeling related oversight with their other duties.

Additionally, there are protocols built into the system for allowing the manager to pre-stage an upcoming change of print, allowing it to be ready for the floor people.

Food Safety Addressed through End of Process Tray-Pack Label Application

Stickers all over your packing line is just wrong and these stickers create a natural home for contamination!

Keep these labels OFF of your pack line, there are so many reasons to do this but food safety is the biggest. Fruit weight calibration gets interrupted by labels in the cup. Labels all over your multi-million dollar packing line are like getting stickers all over your car! It’s just not right.

Let’s do the easy math again.

Your up top flat roll label system always gets labels on your packing line. No up-top application system successfully keeps 99% of the labels on the fruit. But if you calculate even 1% of the labels necessary to label 1 million boxes of fruit, this comes out to 1 MILLION labels stuck all over your packing lines & strewn  throughout the system, all over your brushes and adhered to all of your drops. It also makes your facility appear filthy. What is actually true, is that these up top systems unintentionally leave closer to 5% of the labels all over your line and you have to clean those labels off which is costly. So in reality, closer to 5 million labels get everywhere. The PRINTRAYCE system eliminates these food safety problems!

All those labels on your line cost you twice and you are not getting use out of them. We at PRINTRAYCE Systems fix this and in exchange give you a beautiful pack with all the labels facing up which promotes your brand and turns your labels from an expensive requirement into a wonderful looking, on purpose, properly branded product so that the retailer and the customer both benefit. Now folks that is how to turn a problem into an industry opportunity!

The future of retail, more codes or product traceability

Retailers are all about controlling cost and apples are the 2nd highest profit item in the produce section. They prefer to label fruit with a specific code that ties to a specific price point. The statement we have heard from leading retailers is this: “If we must pay a different price for a grade or size within a fruit variety, we want that fruit labeled uniquely to avoid ‘unnecessary shrink’ in our produce department.”

PRINTRAYCE Systems not only makes additional codes possible but they makes it super easy. We can comfortably label a unique code at every tray line. If the retailers add a third and fourth unique scan code to a grade within a variety there will be no added cost to the industry. For the first time ever the fruit industry can handle as many different code numbers as the PMA may assign to a variety, in addition to allowing for food traceability.

Product traceability is not required today by the retailers at the bulk fruit level, only at the case level. PRINTRAYCE Systems has the ability to address internal or external traceability allowing for food safety measures to be put into place or for other data to be available within the label for your own business management.

Private Labeling Capability

Absolutely private labeling is actually at your fingertips without disrupting your line!

Suppose you have a customer who wants private labeling or suppose you offer it to your prospects. Perhaps it is for a campaign that requires a private label on their fruit. On a typical commit-to-pack line, while labeling up top on your pack line you would have to purchase a whole new bank of labelers at great cost to you. But let’s say you need a private label placed on a few truck-loads of fruit in your peak sizes. Let’s say 88’s and 100’s fruit sizes, for example.

You can purchase from PRINTRAYCE Systems the custom pre-branded graphics pre-printed into a custom-designed label for your customer. Then using your PRINTRAYCE System you may easily install these labels on to the tray lines you will private label and voila, you have now become a great partner to your retail customer without shutting down any part of your line. There, you can drop these two fruit sizes (or more) while simultaneously labeling all of the other fruit with your standard label. This allows you to fill a custom order at the same time you run your regular production. That’s the kind of flexibility that will keep your facility ready all of the time for business opportunities and promotions.

Beautiful Tray-Pack Fruit Presentation, Every Time

Tray labeling is the best method of labeling. Everyone knows it, but doing so in a commit-to-pack line has not been possible or else it was way too expensive. This is the real thing that PRINTRAYCE Systems, through this innovative label and application system is bringing to the Apple industry.

It’s really so exciting for the whole industry! To illustrate why, we like to say “you pay for your labels as a requirement, let PRINTRAYCE Systems show you how to turn your labels from a defensive purchase to an offensive marketing move.” Let’s use your label to create more sales and greater consumer loyalty!

Sure it’s true, retailers require 95% label-to-fruit coverage. But because your fruit is labeled upstream, if you don’t have the PRINTRAYCE System you must rotate all of the fruit in the tray to find the label just so that you can count your coverage percentage, and the pack still won’t look good. A single label here or there showing in the pack makes the pack look hap-hazard!

But now with the PRINTRAYCE System, all of the labels are presented beautifully, showing the pack house, the retailer, and even the consumer, a tray pack that always appears as though it was done on purpose.

We know you and your business are on purpose but so let’s make every pack look on purpose by design.

Simple Integration Into Your Existing Tray Lines

The PRINTRAYCE system is offered in two footprints it easily installs at the end of your existing 20-inch or 24-inch tray line just prior to the finished tray being hand or machine-packed into the box.

In addition, you may find it advantageous to install this system prior to removing your current flat roll up-top label system. This could allow you to gradually and comfortably move from your old system to the PRINTRAYCE System completely and on your own terms by using up your old inventory as you make the switch gradually to labeling with the new system.

PT Scepter & Low Volume Print-On-Demand to Avoid Adding Needless Inventory

The PT Scepter was specifically designed to work with PrinTrayce liner less labels and is the only labeler on the market for semi-automatic application of pre-printed tape in-register.  Each PTA System includes a complementary PT Scepter which prevents downtime on your lines during servicing or supply roll changes.

The PT Scepter is also used with tubs and accumulation belts where small quantities of fruit are hand packed and semi-automatically labeled. The PT Scepter opens similar to a manual stapler, allowing the user to quickly load a new roll of labels.

Gentle Label Application Technology

Not every labeling manufacturing company would take on the challenge of pioneering & developing this completely new system that consistently and gently labels every piece of fruit, regardless of size. The PRINTRAYCE application technology was chosen carefully so that we can create a perfect application pressure every time. The system raises and lowers for the size of the fruit and takes advantage of all the best technologies both in label manufacturing and machinery design and brings them into one wonderful system.

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