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The PrinTrayce System

This revolutionary fruit labeling system sits at the forefront of fruit production technology, allowing you to bring your facility into the 21st century with a 100% ROI in 3 years or less.

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Why PrinTrayce?

Technology. It has an impact on every corner of our lives, from the way we order food to the way we travel.

Except when it comes to fruit production.

As much as producers wish to bring their business into the 21st century, the traditional methods of picking, sorting, packing, and selling fruit has been dependable—so dependable that few have even considered what kind of financial gain could result from an updated system.

But still, there are always a few willing to invest in a good idea.

That’s why we developed the PrinTrayce system.

Linerless Labels

High-Capacity Spools

Code Verification Scanner

Remote computer operation


End-of-Line In-Tray Application

Handheld Applicator

Pnuematic Affixing

About Us

Linerless Labels

Traditional labeling systems require large spools of material to be prepared for application in advance. In order to avoid downtimes between runs, operations often purchase these rolls en masse. Inevitably this leads to loss, as adhesives have a limited shelf life.

Enter linerless labels

Our labels are applied at the end of the line. That means less handling, so they are far less likely to be dislodged. This matters for a few reasons.

Adhesive and backing is expensive. For an average producer, the cost of labels is almost half as much as the cost of installing a labeling system.

The PrinTrayce system guarantees 100% coverage, which means reduced losses from returned shipments, and the adhesive would cost half that of a traditional system.

Every million apples you produce creates 4 tons of waste. That’s waste you must pay to have removed, every day.

Linerless labels eliminate that cost and headache completely. Instead of a plastic or paper-backed label, the PrinTrayce labels are thermally printed directly onto a thin, pre-branded film. This means zero waste and no hidden costs for ink or printing cartridges.

And the linerless label, when affixed by the PrinTrayce system, requires 80% less adhesive than its competitors.

Less adhesive on your fruit means that labels are easy to peel off and will never damage the fruit. Since they are applied at the end of the production line, that adhesive is perfectly designed to be right strength to hold to your fruit until the check stand.

In addition, the PrinTrayce system naturally is designed for a tray-pack environment, which gives you an attractive and appealing display.

High-Capacity Spools

Precise and economical roll changes are key to keeping your facility producing the shipments that are required. Typical flat rolls hold about 35k labels on each, with multiple rolls running at the same time in order to give you the best possible coverage.

Unfortunately, these flat rolls are not exactly equal. When one roll goes empty, some workers might pull all the rolls at once in order to save time and to keep production on schedule. These are labels that you have already paid for, and these “short rolls” that end up in the garbage can add up to thousands of dollars over a typical season.

The PrinTrayce print-on-demand system eliminates the hidden cost of wasted low-capacity flat rolls. The traverse-wound high-capacity PrinTrayce spool holds over ten times the number of labels as its flat competitors. And because you can print the exact number of labels you need, regardless of shipment size or variety, there are no “short rolls” to throw away.

In addition, the extended life of the PrinTrayce Spool means that you cut your roll change time down by a factor of ten. Now, that’s change worth investing in.

Code Verification Scanner

Regulation is one of main concerns when it comes to choosing the right label. As governmental requirements shift and change over the course of the next two decades, facilities that have spent money on preprinted labels will lose time and money trying to shift to accommodate change.

In this way, the PrinTrayce is the most forward-thinking labeling system on the market.

The simple, print-on-demand capability of the system means that you can adapt effortlessly to new restrictions or guidelines when it comes to fruit labeling. And the code verification scanner for each unit will identify any flaw in the printing—up to 1/1000th of a millimeter—and alert you in the unlikely instance that a label has been printed in a way that will not scan correctly at checkout.

Remote Computer Operation

Every computer control center at your production facility is a potential disaster waiting to happen. With every control console, you run the risk of human error, tripping over connective cables, and contaminants getting onto the delicate electrical components.

The PrinTrayce system lowers these risks to almost zero. All the production lines for your facility can be controlled by one single master control computer, which can be run easily by one handpicked control employee.

No matter how many lines you have or how many varieties you produce, just one PrinTrayce control computer does all the hard work without any of the risk.

End-of-Line In-Tray Application

Consumer Focused

Sticky residue and half-peeled labels make produce less attractive to the people buying it. This is a major part of our motivation at PrinTrayce to reduce the amount of adhesive we apply to our labels.

Moreover, as consumers become ever more accustomed to speed and efficiency in their daily tasks, our scan code verification, which ensures labels will scan properly at checkout,is emerging as a powerful aid in winning customer satisfaction.

Integration into Existing Systems

Because PrinTrayce only requires a single host computer, and it is highly modular in design, it can link up with existing packing operations quickly and easily. In fact, the PrinTrayce System can be installed during peak packing seasons with zero down time.

We are able to do this, because our system integrates at the end of the packing line, so there isn’t any interference with traditional labeling systems.

Handheld Applicator

Powerfully Small

Too often big ideas don’t gain traction, because they don’t attend to the details first. The PrinTrayce System’s applicator solution for misshapen fruit is an example of our no nonsense approach to making cut and dried improvements to the industry.

A single employee can now deliver 100% label coverageeven on misshapen fruita task that has eluded entire teams for years.

Moreover, it integrates seamlessly within the existing packing line, so there are no hidden infrastructural costs at startup. This also means that there is no down-time for the line at the point of installation.

Pneumatic Affixing

Pneumatic affixing is nothing new. Most of the main labeling systems today use this application method, applying a uniform amount of pressure to a rolling “foot” that may or may not connect with your produce. This system is prone to mislabeled or unlabeled produce, which results in additional production downtime for cleaning and repair as well as leaving the shipment unable to meet the 90% coverage requirement.

PrinTrayce brings affixing into the 21st Century and beyond. With the laser-triggered, pressurized pneumatic foot mechanism, the PrinTrayce applies precision and elegance to labeling your fruit. Each label is applied with the exact amount of pressure according to the size and shape of the individual fruit.

And because it’s such a precise science, we can guarantee 100% coverage every time. You’ll never clean another label off your belts or brushes again.

About Us

We are engineers at heart. PrinTrayce’s origins stretch back to 1997 when our parent company, Superior Tape and Label, received a request from a client to address some of the traditional inefficiencies in their label application system.

Twenty plus years later, and we’re still at it. We have plucked an awful lot of the low hanging fruit of systems improvement, but that doesn’t mean we’re done innovating. At our core, we believe the health and longevity of the industry is going to become ever more dependent on systems-level innovation. And we’ll be there to make it as painless as possible.

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