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Why PrinTrayce?

Technology. It has an impact on every corner of our lives, from the way we order food to the way we travel. Although technology is pervasive, it is rare to make a technological breakthrough that completely changes the face of an established industry.

That is exactly the opportunity PRINTRAYCE offers to the apple-packing industry and beyond. PRINTRAYCE represents a breakthrough technology for labeling fruit that guarantees huge benefits, and all of this value for a lower cost.

PRINTRAYCE has not even addressed the huge GREEN impact that these innovations bring to the fruit packing industry. But here again, this GREEN technology not only has far reaching benefits but unlike most GREEN technologies promoted today, the cost of this product is dramatically below the former state of the art. Our brand new method of taking old label technology and implementing new label manufacturing and application equipment is the beginning of a new revolution in the fresh fruit packing industry.

Technology like this only comes along once every 20-30 years. This is your chance to get ahead of the competition. Don’t miss out.

Linerless Labels

High-Capacity Spools

Code Verification Scanner

Remote computer operation


End-of-Line In-Tray Application

Handheld Applicator

Pnuematic Affixing

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